“All beings of this earth are artists.
I am an artist who paints for artists who look.
If this evidence didnʼt exist
to paint would have no sense at all.
My dyslexia made me a painter.
To say without speaking,
to write without words,
to be moved in silence with my own
grammar of forms.
How to talk about oneʼs own painting
when it speaks only with itʼs electricity?
A world full of emotion…
where are the words in all that ?
One shouldnʼt paint things as they are,
rather as they tell you they are.
To paint is to listen.
Pigments of the entire world
to commune with the world.”
(Phillippe Kerarvran)

“Jʼai mille et une techniques,” proclaims Kerarvran. He uses natural pigments from India, Egypt and Europe — gesso, resins, glazes, and varnishes — to produce his work.

Philippe confided to me that his paintings are already made in his head. He can see the complete work before even preparing the panel. Like a composer, everything is there for him at once in the moment of creation.

Philippe Kerarvran is Professor of Drawing at the Ecole des Beaux Art of Brest.

To see some of Philippe’s drawings, please click here

1979: Beaux Art, Rennes
1978-79: Chelsea Art School, London
1975-77: Beaux Arts, Paris
1974-75: Beaux Arts, Quimper

2010: Chapelle ‘Dom Michel le Noble’, Le Conquet Triptyque
2008: ‘La ronde des vins’, Galerie de Brest
2007: Galerie Anne de Bretagne La Baule
2006: Galerie Genty, La nef, Vouvant
2004: Galerie de l’Aubance, Brissac
2004: Galerie Ballade de l’art contemporain, Auvers sur Oise
2003: Maison de la Fontaine, Brest
2002: Fort National, St Malo
2001: Galerie Start, London
2000: Galerie La Ramure, Auvers sur Oise
1999: Galerie Artitude, Brest
1998: Centre Culturel de Plouescat
1997: Galerie English Apart Brest
1996: Art College, Plymouth, Devon
1995: ‘Jeu et Sapiance’, Centre d’Art Contemporain Passerelle, Brest
1994: ‘99 peintures’, Centre d’art Contemporain Passerelle, Brest
1993: Hotel de Ville, Brest
1992: Galerie Maison de la Fontaine, Brest
1991: Galerie Aussant, Rennes

2012: Brest, front de mer, 43 drawings of Brest
2009: L’ame des pierres et de l’eau, 19 drawings of Le Conquet

From £3500
Mostly large format, 140cm x 90cm