“The beauty and mystery of abstract art lies in its extraordinary power to act directly on our senses and express ideas and feelings not communicable in words,” explains Martin. “It can be appreciated in the same way as music, as a purely sensory language.”

Martin Ward was a part-time teacher of art for more than 20 years, before deciding to exclusively concentrate on painting and drawing. In 1989, he moved his home and studio to south-west France, where he still lives.

While the end result may be ineffable, Martin’s working practice is determinedly practical: “I carry a sketchbook around and make notes of things that interest me,” he says. “Elements from these drawings are often developed into more substantial images once back in the studio.”

1960-64: Ravensbourne College of Art, NDD in Painting
1965-67: Slade School of Art, University College London, Diploma in Fine Art; commendation for drawing and printmaking
1968-1989: art tutor at Central St Martins School of Art and Middlesex Polytechnic School of Art

2007: Acrylic Paintings, Galerie de la Tour, Vouvant, France
2006: Gouache Paintings, Galerie de la Tour, Vouvant, France
2003: Association Elvira, Prayssac, France

2011: Chateau Touzeau, Prayssac, France
2011: Fulham Palace Art Fair, London
2011: ‘A La Folie’, Genty Fine Arts Inaugural Exhibition, London
2011: ‘Chaos’, Figeac & Cahors, France
2011: House Open, Hove, England
2010: Domain de Fantou, Prayssac, France
2010: Fulham Palace Art Fair, London
2010: ‘Rencontres’ FLAC, Salle Balène, Figeac, France
2010: ‘Rencontres’ FLAC, La Chantrerie, Cahors, France
2009: Association Espace Gibert, 24 Bd. Marx Dormoy, Lezignan-Corbieres, Aude 11200, France
2009: Hampton Road Gallery, Southampton, Long Island, USA
2009: Champs Secrets: Salle Balene, Figeac, and La Chantrerie, Cahors, France
2009: The Art Show: Guildhall, East Hampton Long Island, USA
2009: Handmade in Britain: Chelsea Old Town Hall, London
2009: Portes Ouvertes, Lherm, France
2008: Brighton Art Fair, Brighton, England
2008: Guildhall, Easthampton, USA
2008: Emballage, Figeac & Cahors, France
2008: Le FLAC à Gramat, France
2007: Sausalito Art Festival, USA
2007: L’Ecrit du Cœur, Les Cris du Corps, Figeac & Cahors, France
2007: Le Flac à 20 Ans, Grezels, France
2007: Brighton Art Fair, Brighton, UK
2007: Portes Ouvertes, Lherm, France

Martin’s art works are in private collections in England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Australia, America, Canada and Bahrain. They also feature in public collections owned by AT&T, Chicago, La Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc, France and Herefordshire Education Committee.

£900 — £7500