It is with great sadness that we announce that Jacques died peacefully at home in the Vendee after a long illness. He will be greatly misses. A true renaissance man Jacques will live on through his wonderful paintings


Dominioni’s work is organic, physical, semi-abstract. The figurative elements are more or less abstracted, super-imposed, entwined.

The construction of the canvas is central. The composition is tightly organised, sometimes with lines almost geometrically defined, even with numbers added, as on a cabinet-maker’s drawing. The line creates the space in which Dominioni’s colours burn and glow, contrasting with a vivid blue or viridian green.

These semi-figurative paintings are sometimes erotic, sometimes violent, sometimes disturbing. They are always visually arresting.

In conversation with Dominioni, I often have the feeling that he would be disappointed if one simply ‘liked’ his work. His art asks for — no, demands!— engagement at the deepest level.

£1500 — £6000