Frédéric Mercier (born 1961)

Mercier is constantly addressing the question of how to present creation in paint. A painting is merely an allusion to a reality, to a landscape, a season; it is a moment glimpsed, an emotion. In creating this illusion, painting finds its purpose.

In his painting of his native Vendée — its bocage, that ultra-verdant landscape, the plain in the south and the salt pans on the Ile de Ré — Mercier immerses himself in nature.

The theme of water has been central to his landscape painting. Water’s transparence and movement, its capacity to reflect and re-present light and colour constitutes a powerful metaphor for painting and its coloured matter, paint.

A recent development saw Mercier taken by the routes of western France, resulting in a series of somewhat more contemporary paysages urbains, where his use of intense, heightened colour is combined with a more geometric structure.

Mercier works in acrylic and oil on larger format canvases, with occasional use of gouache on board for more intimate landscapes.

1983-89: Beaux Arts of Tours, Poitiers and Bordeaux

2001: ‘Etat de nature’, Nef Theodelin, Vouvant
2002: ‘Paysages’, Maison Billaud, Fontenay le Comte
2003: ‘From portrait to landscape’, College Tiraqueau, Fontenay le Comte
2003: ‘Landscapes’, Hotel de Ville, Xanton Chassenon
2004: April/September — ‘Paysages et Reflets’, atelier du peintre, Vouvant
2005: April/September — ‘Between Earth & Sky’, atelier du peintre, Vouvant
2005: June/July — ‘Entre terre et ciel’, Nef Theodelin, Vouvant
2006: January — ‘Salines et Reflets’, Galerie Genty, Vouvant
2006: April/September — ‘Peintures’, atelier du peintre, Vouvant
2006: June — ‘Reflets’, Galerie de la Tour des Laudes, Breuil Barret
2007: February — ‘Paysages’, Galerie Genty, Vouvant
2007: April/May — ‘Landscapes & Reflections’, Galerie Genty, Vouvant
2008: June/July — ‘Landscapes’, Galerie Genty, Vouvant
2008: July/August — ‘Parcours professionnel’, atelier Nieul sur l’Autise
2008: September — ‘The Plain’, Maison de la Meunerie, Nieul sur l’Autise

2004: November — ‘Marais’, Galerie 39, Fontenay le Comte
2006: January — ‘Routes et Salines’, Galerie Thuillier, Paris
2006: April/May — ‘Kaleidoscope’, Nef Theodelin, Vouvant
2007: July — ‘Les nouvelles metamorphoses’, La Commanderie, St Marc de la Lande
2007: November — Salon Art Atlantique, with Galerie Genty, La Rochelle
2008: June — ‘Paysages’, Galerie Septentrion, Marcq en Bareuil
2008: October — Summer Exhibition, Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
2009: October — ‘Re-enchant the world’, La Gare Galerie, Fontenay le Comte
2010: November — ‘Artistes pour l’espoir’, Les Sorinieres, Nantes

Private and public collections in France, England, Cayman Islands and Norway

£900 — £5000