Françoise Trin ( born 1954)

Françoise models the human form as a mass, embracing materiality and solidity, always with sensuality in handling. One might reference Brancusi for simplicity of form and Maillol for technique.

Following a five-year period living in the Bois d’Amour by the river in Pont Aven, the artist produced the forest-inspired series ‘les couples-raçines’. Francoise felt the need to work with these natural, organic elements with which she had been so closely entwined. One observes the exposed tangled roots of trees on the riverbank and the huge rocks planted in the middle of the water, translated into human form.

Over time, the artist’s work has become increasingly figurative in style. Yet, regardless of simplicity, detail or form, Françoise’s evolving practice maintains a fundamental intention to bring the viewer closer to what she considers to be the fundamental unity of life.

We will be showing some of the series ‘les couples-raçines’ at Tyger’s Head this autumn/winter.

1974-76: Ecôle Superièure des Beaux Arts Paris, studying painting under Zavarro and sculpture under Jean Bertholle
1976-79: Beaux Art Paris, l’atelier de Sculpture Monumentale under Etienne-Martin, also with Léopold Kretz who taught her the art of the bust; Kretz had worked with Bourdelle, Maillol and Brancusi
1980-86: Beaux Arts Paris, studying with Jacques Delahaye for her Diplôme Superièur d’Arts Plastique

2010: April–October — Galerie ‘Au fil de l’art’, Quimper
2009: June–September — ‘Defis de Femmes’, Abbaye de St Maurice, Clohars-Carnoet
2001: April–September — Galerie de la Passerelle, Pont Aven

2007: October–December — ‘Corps er Accords, 3 Femmes Artistes’ Maison Prebendale, St Pol de Leon
1998: May–June — ‘Figures Figurations’, Redon, Morbihan
1997: ‘Sculpteurs sur Bronze’ Artable, Lorient
1994: ‘Coefficient 94’, Maison des Artistes, Cagnes sur Mer

2002: Salon des Artistes Français, Paris (see the Marcel Sandoz price by the Fondation Taylor, below)
1994: Salon for Contemporary Sculpture, Landivisiau
1993: Salon de Plomodiern, Finistère

2009: Trophy ‘prix Henri Queffelec’ for the Salon de Livre Maritime, Concarneau
2003: Bust of Jean Moulin for Place Jean Moulin, Quimper
1994: Monument Theodore Hersart, Quimperle

2002: Sculpture prize, Marcel Sandoz, awarded by the Fondation Taylor, Paris

£2500 — £6000
All bronzes are in an edition of eight with two artist proofs