Francoise Bossut (born 1950)

Françoise Bossut is a contemporary expressionist painter working primarily in acrylic on canvas. Her landscapes, seascapes and figures are unified with intensity of colour and contrasts, alongside an explosive expressive quality. All are semi-abstract with a bravura of technique.

“In painting, all subjects can be the pretext to make marks in colour,” she says. “I have a preference for certain themes: figures in scenes from life, landscapes which allow me to move towards the abstract, especially; water, the sea, trees. Always central is the rapport of warm and cool tones, light and shadow, and texture.”

Complimentary to her abstract work, Francoise maintains her practice in realism with life drawing classes that she teaches at her studio in Trévoux, near Lyon. Works are produced as pencil, charcoal, conte and acrylic on paper. This ongoing practice aids her abstract work with control of medium and intense concentration of eye.

1969-73: Beaux Arts, Nancy
1973-75: Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes, Paris

2010: Galerie le Soliel, Bourg en Bresse
2008-09: Galerie Genty, Vouvant
2005-07: Galerie Fardel-Demaine Le Touquet, Paris plage
2005: Galerie Medicis, Paris
2000: Galerie Nettis, Le Touquet, Paris plage
1998-2002: Galerie Bolognini, Thionville
1997: Galerie Fardel-Demanie, Paris
1997: Galerie Art Present, Paris
1994: Galerie St Paul, Lyon
1994: Galerie Hermes, Lyon
1990-92: Galerie Guichard, Lyon
1988: Hotel de Sevigne, Aix en Provence
1987-92: Galerie le Amis des Arts, Aix en Provence
1984-86: Galerie la Galiniere, Aix en Provence

2007: Figuration Critique, Lyon
2005-06: Voeix d’artistes, Lyon
2004: Bastille, Paris

2005: Salon d’Art Contemporain, Montreux
2006-10: Salon d’Art Contemporain, Marseilles
2006-07: Salon d’Art Contemporain, Metz
2001: ‘A la Folie’, Genty Fine Art, Fitzroy Square, London

Private collections in Canada, USA, Belgium, Norway

£900 — £4500