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Daniel Goudier works primarily in composite resins. His paravent series is directly inspired by the fishing boats by the quay on which his studio is situated. Interestingly, he describes these sculptures as “punctuations”.

Goudier’s work is quasi-mystical, quasi-archeological. He endeavours to express lost desires, to unearth a lost past which belongs to all of us.

Daniel cites a poem by Jean Genet to help explain where he’s coming from:

“If I hesitate often my song is not faked
for I search far beneath my deep terrains
and always emerge with the same soundings
pieces of treasure buried alive
since the beginning of the world.

If you could see me above my table bent
face wasted by my literature
you would know that it sickens me also
this dreadful adventure of daring to discover
the gold hidden beneath so much putrifaction.

Oh my prison where I die without ageing
I love you.
Life, laced with death, drains from me.
Their slow heavy waltz is danced in reverse
each unwinds sublime reason
opposed to each other.

Still I have too much room, this is not my tomb
my cell is too large and my window too pure.
Waiting to be reborn in the prenatal night
I allow myself to live so I
can be recognised by Death
through a higher sign.”

£1500 — £12000