About Genty Fine Art

Genty Fine Art was founded in 2005 in France as Galerie Genty. The aim of the gallery is to champion, defend and support its stable of mid-career contemporary artists chosen for their mastery of technique and integrity of vision.

Each artist represented by Genty Fine Art is chosen for their craftsmanship, skill in the handling of materials, colour and energy — as well as the emotional response their work generates.

About The Directors

David Genty studied philosophy and theology at Jesus College, University of Oxford, and had initially planned to stay on and teach. While taking a sabbatical year at the height of the Thatcher cuts, he found that he had a talent for decorative painting and a passion for interior design and historic buildings.

Helen’s background was initially in fashion and design before studying art history.

They set up Genty Fine Interiors in 1984 and carried out design and decoration projects for clients in England, France, Scandinavia, Canada, Cayman and Bermuda. David subsequently took a further post-graduate qualification in the History & Theory of Art under Dr Grant Pooke at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

In 2000, they discovered a beautiful medieval village in rural western France. The project ‘Vouvant Village des Peintres’ was born, and artists were invited to stay, work, and later exhibit in La Nef, former nave of the 12th-century romanesque church. Galerie Genty opened in 2005 to support the VVP project.

David continued to carry out interiors projects on the Côte dʼAzur and in London. Finding that his clients appreciated his discerning eye, as shown in the gallery and La Nef exhibitions he curated, he was asked to provide art works for their homes and office spaces, and help build their collections.

A large renovation and decoration commission in Chelsea saw David and Helen back in Kent for much of 2009. In 2010 they were fortunate to find Tygerʼs Head, a 15th-century former guildhall in the historic heart of Tonbridge. They decided to buy it and return to England. The interior decoration and contemporary art businesses now work as one.

Genty Fine Art shows at London art fairs and occasionally at international events.

For further information on David and Helen’s residential design work, see Interiors.